Model 3.10

The Pietra Model 3.10 is our flagship loudspeaker suitable for large rooms, and represents the evolution of our earlier wide-baffle Model 3a. The design emphasizes uniformity of the radiation pattern at extreme horizontal listening angles (beyond 75 degrees), diffraction suppression from the tweeter passband, and extended low-frequency response. We have modified the 3a crossover transfer functions slightly to yield more precise phase tracking and midrange tonal neutrality. A detailed cabinet diffraction and radiation analysis (pictured below) was performed with the MFS algorithm developed by Pietra [J. Audio Eng. Soc., 61 (2013) 356].

Model 3.10 radiation pattern at 330 Hz crossover frequency

Model 3.10 radiation pattern at 2500 Hz crossover frequency

The 3.10 uses a ring-radiator tweeter to control high-frequency dispersion at very wide listening angles. This is accomplished through the use of a phase plug (silver structure in center of tweeter) to creates an annular (ring-shaped) radiation pattern. This radiation pattern is more directional than from a traditional convex dome and matches better to the directivity of the midrange in the vicinity of the crossover frequency. The unfiltered on-axis frequency response from this tweeter is the flattest of all candidate drivers tested at Pietra. This excellent tweeter is paired with a world-class midrange transducer with powerful neodymium ring magnets and underhung voice-coil. The underhung design ensures the magnetic flux seen by the voice coil is constant over the excursion range, thereby reducing nonlinear distortion.

Informal Reviews

Jason Serinus (Stereophile, 2015)

... an impressive sense of space, as well as a beautiful midrange and very realistic depiction of chorus in a large acoustic space. Reinforcing these positive impressions were the extremely impressive bass and excellent control ...

Robert Greene (Absolute Sound, 2015)

... making it a bargain as well for what is involved, a truly dead, stone enclosure in particular. This, as before, was producing what struck me as exceptionally accurate sound, one of the most truthful sounding exhibits at the show. Really excellent representation of an orchestra.


hf transducer 2.6cm, ring radiator
midrange transducer 12cm, neo motor
bass transducer 25cm, 76mm voice coil
sensitivity 83dB @ 2.83V, 1m
minimum impedance 3.3 Ohms @ 20Hz
crossover frequencies 330Hz, 2.5kHz
weight 160kg
dimensions (hwd) 124cm x 43cm x 345cm
cabinet material black galaxy granite

$17,500 USD      Sales