At Pietra, we carry out theoretical research in areas directly relevant to loudspeaker design.

Cabinet diffraction

J. Candy, Accurate Calculation of Radiation and Diffraction from Loudspeaker Enclosures at Low Frequency, J. Audio Eng. Soc. 61 (2013) 356. [AES link]

Transducer modeling

C. Futtrup and J. Candy, Physical Accuracy and Modeling Robustness of Motional Impedance Models, ALMA 2017 Meeting, Las Vegas, NV [PDF]

J. Candy and C. Futtrup, An Added Mass Measurement Technique for Transducer Parameter Estimation, J. Audio Eng. Soc., submitted [PDF preprint]


J. Candy, A Contour Integral Method for Transient Response Calculation, J. Audio Eng. Soc., submitted [PDF preprint]